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Counterpointe Sustainable Advisors

At the Intersection of Real Estate and Clean Energy
Investing at the Intersection of Real Estate and Clean Energy

Solutions based

Sustainable Investing 

Counterpointe Sustainable Advisors  provides investment management for debt assets focused on improving the sustainability of the built environment.

Counterpointe provides debt financing to the real property and renewable energy markets. The company focuses on providing preferred or senior level capital to established sponsors and high credit quality obligors for assets that generate recurring and predictable cash flows.


Impact Driven, Responsible Real Estate Finance

We invest in sustainable debt assets that accelerate the transition of the built environment to clean energy.


Solutions Based Investing

We strive to provide innovative debt solutions to the behind the meter built environment.  By working directly with our property owner clients, we source impactful investment that are both profitable and transformational.


Innovation Driven

Our impact investing employs  a disciplined approach to risk and the use of innovative financing products such as commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE), Green Mortgages, sustainable asset based private debt, solar, and energy efficiency investments.  


Risk Management Focused

Our investment team has over 200 years of combined commercial real estate experience in banking, trading, lending and investments. 

Impact Focused Real Estate

Utilizing traditional and innovative debt products, our strategy targets maximize investment returns and positive environmental impact through

Climate change mitigation

Preventing or reducing the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere

Climate change adaption  

Preventing or minimizing the adverse effects of climate change

Counterpointe Sustainable Advisors invests in sustainable debt in order to lower the cost of entry for sustainability, resiliency and renewable energy improvements and provide meaningful impact by increasing economic activity, creating jobs, reducing environmental pollution, and improving the built environment. 

Our Five Pillars of  Impact Investing 

INTENTIONALITY   We invest with the dual goals of maximizing  returns and mitigating climate change. 

INNOVATION  We understand that making an impact requires creativity, adaptive change, disruptive technologies, while employing thoughtful risk management.   

TEAMWORK  We believe sustainable change is achieved through a diverse workforce, the cooperation of multiple disciplines, and an organizationwide determination to execute the strategies. 

TRANSPARENCY  We have a long standing history of providing transparency to our investors by measuring the impact of each investment for carbon, energy efficiency, power savings, job creation, and Lives Benefited™. 

RESPONSIBILITY  We support the tenets of energy justice and encouraging our partners, stakeholders, and clients in the transition to a renewable energy economy.


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