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Program Management

Counterpointe Energy Solutions LLC (“CES”) provides program administration services to states, counties, municipalities and special districts on all aspects of  Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs. 

Organized in 2013 CES has long been committed to making PACE programs low-cost, efficient and user friendly.  Moreover, our administration services enable public partners to attract private capital in support of sustainability and resiliency projects. The results: reduced carbon emissions, economic development, and improved building stock.


Nationally Acclaimed

Our Chicago PACE program was awarded an honorable mention among FastCompany’s “World Changing Ideas” in the public policy sector.


From the Beginning

We work to design PACE programs using industry best practices, enact legislation at the state level and promote program adoption once launched. 


Technologically Advanced

Our turnkey 360° programs include all phases of PACE financing and remove the administrative burden and liability from participating municipalities.


Property Owner Protections

User-friendly documents, guidelines, and robust disclosure, as well as technical reviews and registration of contractors, professionals and capital providers, ensure property owners can make informed decisions. 

What is PACE?
Property Assessed Clean Energy

PACE is a public/private partnership designed to allow property owners to finance building improvements through voluntary assessments placed on the property by a state economic development agency. A primary goal of PACE is to lower the cost of entry for sustainability, resiliency and renewable energy improvements, thereby increasing economic activity, creating jobs, reducing environmental pollution and improving the built environment. PACE programs achieve this goal by harnessing private capital to finance 100% of the energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, and resiliency improvements as well as related costs at qualified properties. 

Major Market Administration

Our Programs

Chicago PACE: Loop-Counterpointe PACE

  • Administrator for the Chicago PACE program on behalf of the Chicago Department of Planning and Development
  • A CES Joint venture with Chicago-based Loop Capital
  • Comprehensive program marketing and outreach inclusive of the program website and social media platforms
  • Inclusive focus on women and minority-owned businesses

CSCDA: Open PACE (California)

  • In California, CES serves as Program Administrator through the California Statewide Communities Development Association (“CSCDA”) Open PACE program.
  • California cities and counties must be a member of CSCDA and adopt a resolution to opt-in to CSCDA Open PACE in order to participate.
  • Over 340 municipalities participate in CSCDA’s Open PACE program
  • Covers approximately 72% of the state by population.

Counterpointe Energy Solutions’ role as a program administrator with Loop Capital is helping grow a robust Commercial PACE program in the city during a time when attracting private capital to invest in energy savings is at a premium.

Tim Jeffries

Deputy Commissioner, Department of Planning and Development, City of Chicago

Counterpointe Energy Solutions’ role as a program administrator in the CSCDA program has helped meet the goals of California’s PACE legislation while supporting changes such as additional resiliency measures along the way.

James Hamill

Managing Director, California Statewide Communities Development Agency

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